Misses at Pantene Bridal Couture Week S/S 2014

As you probably know by now my PBCW hits post were read by 5 people(one of them being my sister and the designers who I tag on twitter), They tank miserably even if I poop candy like the Easter bunny, aamiriat is probably the last platform people want to read good things. If you follow me on twitter you would probably know I had a really hard time picking the hits from collections, on the contrary picking bad ones is like stroll in the garden. Although I have talked to some of the designers I am going to mention in this “misses” post, I couldn’t consider putting them in the hit post at all. There are accidents, then there are train wrecks  but some at PBCW did suicide bombing. Picking handful of misses from hundreds of PBCW like spitting in the desert.

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Starting with Somal Halepoto (often called “somal helicopter” by some) gave me heartburn. Her collection titled ‘Ronaq‘ literally meaning ostentatious and they certainly lived up to their name. They were showy-offy .Since Chanel presented a very classy lady like clothing in Dubai I don’t think the phrase ‘Dubai designer’ holds true anymore. The weird hemlines, the loud colors, the zamzama street chic makeup and styling I don’t know where to start.  If there was a Razzie for pakistani fashion, she would take the golden raspberry award home, she truly deserves an award for those augmented reality embroideries and the otherworldly color palate that make Avatar’s characters look pheeka in comparison.


Mansoor Akram‘s Amina Yasmeen collection was two words Breast Augmentation. Forget silicon implants, or even those miracle creams that promise to transform your sad puppies into dairy queens. I have no idea whether it was the use of velvet or the deep scoop necklines, but if the brand can make relatively flat chested female models look naturally blessed than I guess he can be Pakistan’s answer to wonder bra. Even if we consider ignoring those, you had these unsightly panelling in frocks, gowns, and everything else making everyone look wider. Yaqeen Janiye if you chop off male model’s head off, you would have a hard time identifying who has more voluptuous pectorals.


Like Narcissus of Greek Mythology Uzma Baber died because of her own ‘Reflection’ titled collection. Aiming to cater all the wedding ceremonies from mayon to valima the pedestrian-ness of the designs could put insomniacs to sleep. Where should we start? The humdrum cuts, or the trite embellishments,or the horrendous styling with the jewelry. The stodgy dress on Madiha Iftikhar proved that bad designs are as big of a problem as Polio in Pakistan.In the effort to do everything for everyone the designer’s aesthetic(or lack of thereof) got lost in the design kumbh ka mela. I hope she finds her lost children.


Rani Emaan also probably got drowned in search of her ‘Jewel of the Nile‘ and that too without a life jacket. I would certainly like to ask her sometime, where does the Nile meet such atrocities of sequins and beadwork? Although her press release says she is celebrating the essence of a woman and the woman you fall in with. The piece on Abeer with 90s’ silhouette and equally hackneyed jewelry reminded me of Sunny Deol doing fist thumping moves steps. But then if the designer chooses to spell her carefully chosen fabrics as “chamois” then who am I to question. May Allah Bless You *Meera Voice*


KuKi Koncept had a lot of dough and also a great concept, he chose to name his collection ‘Bidai‘.But the cookie that he baked out of that dough didn’t really crumble. His choice of gotta bel as the primary base of embellishment could have been groundbreaking but the eclecticism of the ensembles’s color palette made his bride look like one of those floating figures on Canal during Jashne Baharan. The banarasi silk borders bubbled when sewn with other textiles, the contrast of black with colors was also not pleasant. The fabrics on the top ballooned in a tent like fashion. But what really soiled hiscookies was the trim on Neha’s dupatta, if you can’t make it go throughout the four sides at least finish it at corners in a better way.


Yasmeen Zaman what the hell was the yellow blue macaw dress on Neha. What the hell was it ?!!


But this is not it, there were  pieces with a lot of stodgy aesthetic at many others too. Zainab Chhotani and Nauman Arfeen both turned out Tariq road(up to my readers to decipher whether it’s a compliment or an insult), Tabassum Mughal gave me design indigestion by that metallic floral neckbrace, at Deepak Perwani the petticoat fullness in the skirt was unsightly probably the natural drape of the fabric would have made ensembles look better; Teena Durrani, Mifrah and Asifa & Nabeel could probably do well with a bit of Ali Xeeshan-ness to them.

Thats all folks!


4 responses to “Misses at Pantene Bridal Couture Week S/S 2014

  1. no this shouldn’t be it…I wan’t more..this was so interesting to go through!!! so chatpata and masalaydar..!!! you did put these pieces in their right place..MISSES!!!

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