SunSilk Pakistan unveils 2014 Fashion Edition Bottles

SunSilk Pakistan recently unveiled their 2014 fashion edition bottles to bloggers and selected members of press at a small event earlier this week. When I wrote about their 2013 ones, I briefly skimmed through the rationale behind such co-branding exercises and how they work. This year the have chosen to go with two new designer brands (FnKASIA and Sana Safinaz), while HSY and Khaadi are still there from the last years lineup. As they say ‘In fashion, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out‘ *in Heidi Klum’s tone*.

sunsilk fashion edition

But the question remains, did it really do well for the brand ? Here is what the brand custodians said when I asked them :


  1. What is the thought process behind collaborating with local designers for packaging?

We endeavored to find out about the fashion aspirations of our Sunsilk Girls and found that these girls (18-24 year olds) aspire to own a dress, bag or a pair of shoes designed by renowned fashion designers. They may not afford it at this point but would love to own something (designed by the fashion designers). They also have the desire to own something exclusive. We decided to bring fashion to the consumer’s doorstep and truly delight them with an offering specially designed by the most renowned fashion designers of Pakistan at an affordable price. This was to be a way of empowering our consumers by giving them an opportunity of owning an exclusive fashion item.And hence the concept of Sunsilk Fashion Edition bottles- designed by the leading fashion designers of the country- was born. This way, we also ramped up our association with fashion, having already sponsored the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week since 2010.

2. Do you guys experience a surge in sales figures or brand equity after every such campaign?

Sunsilk Fashion Edition was introduced for the first time in 2013.The two month long promotion gave us incremental sales, positively impacted image attributes around modernity, packaging & uniqueness, and took up our brand equity scores. So a very encouraging experience overall

 3. Exactly how ‘limited edition’ are these bottles? Can you share any availability statistics as to what are the chances that a regular customer can get their hands on these fashion edition bottles?

The “limitation” is defined by the time period. For 6-8 weeks, all our consumers nationally have the chance to pick their favourite Sunsilk Fashion Edition bottles, and win designer dresses through a lucky draw by scratching and sending in the code given on the side of the bottle.

As for the designs of bottles, FnkAsia Designer Huma Adnan(Yellow) drew inspiration from the “freedom of spirit that exudes from the women in Tharparkar as they are not shackled by urban laws.” HSY‘s bottle(Black) was reminiscent of ” pure glamour, lots of glitter and bold gold…. black satin silk with a dash of gold.” Pakistan’s high street fashion brand Khaadi designed the Gold bottle with motifs from their lawn collection and Sana Safinaz went with the pink white sweeping lawn design as well. If I had to choose one I would choose Khaadi as it looked indigenous yet strikingly represented the fashion brand as well. HSY one looked like anything else, I missed his signature and FnKAsia one looked more like Africa than Thar to me.

Well even though brand team gave very press-appropriate answers to all my questions(Which I am highly thankful for) but I am still not completely satisfied. One of the important part that I missed last time was how they have integrating digital media into all of this, first by having ‘Guess the Designer‘ app on Facebook +on ground activation at PFDC Fashion Week and secondly by having codes on packaging that consumers can send to the brand in order to win a designer ensemble. So, for the cost of merely peanuts the brand is not only reasserting its association with fashion but also engaging with real consumers of the products ending up with massive amount of consumer data.


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    • Hello Aliza,
      I am not from the sunsilk team.
      I would suggest you to message the sunsilk pakistan on their facebook page for such queries.

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