Men’s Hairstyles 2014

Almost 2+ yrs of my blog, I am blessed enough to have genuine followers that Facebook message and email me feedback and requests. One of the most common requests that I receive are men’s style and grooming posts. So after my post that  talked about elevating your style qu quotient, it is fitting that I briefly skim over grooming issues. Starting with haircuts and hairstyles for men, depending upon what term do you prefer. I may not be the style aficionado but I like to believe that my brief stint at one of the country’s biggest grooming expert, exposure to International publications and Internet resources qualify me to dispense free advice. So below is my post suggesting trendy yet flattering haircuts to men with different hair textures and lengths.

hairstyles aamiriat

Some of the primary considerations when going for a new haircut or hairstyle is to look at your hair texture, length, your skull/face shape and your lifestyle. But having said that experimenting once in a while is essential. Remember guys nobody died from a bad hair cut, you can always grow out your hair! Also never go for something which is being adopted by a lot of people namely colored denim, faux suede loafers and the now abused hair style of undercut. Here are five haircuts that I am showcasing considering our weather and universal appeal.

Mad Men Side Part

mad men side part

Textured Short chopped

textured short fringe


slick back

prince CHARMING hair

prince charming hair

L.a. Undone Pompadour quiff

messy pompadour

 JT undercut SLICKBACK hybrid

undercut JT


If you are still confused about what you should opt for in your next trip to a barber/hairstylist then always remember you need to have substantial amount of hair before even thinking about going for a transformative look. You can’t get a pompadour if you have closely cropped hair. Listen to your barber and talk to him extensively about things you want and don’t want. Carry multiple photos with you in phone to show them what you want to look like.

If you are still confused as to what you should get below is handy infographic that I found over the Internet which helps you choose based on your skull shape:(Thank me later)

how to choose a hair style men6




5 responses to “Men’s Hairstyles 2014

    • I see a lot of people sporting these brit rock indie styles, so I didn’t want to state the obvious. I have grown averse to things which become too popular.

      Are they ? I guess we think on the same wavelength probably or receiving the same briefs. You should definitely post yours I am really looking forward to reading your take on these topics.

      Lastly I greatly appreciate that you liked and commented here.


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