Best face washes for Acne-prone skin

Due to my brief stint at beauty brands and being associated with services providers, a lot of people have mistaken me for Zubaida Apa of Social Media, asking me  which skincare products they should buy and which ones I have personally used etc. One of the most common queries are about acne, hair.Unlike others who only write whenever a brand sends them press release or invites them to an event etc, so I ‘ll be reviewing one group of products in each face washes for acne prone skin

To start with here are some of the acne targeted face washes and foaming cleansers that I have personally tried and tested:


  • Neutrogena oil free acne wash 

One of my safe old favorites has almost clinical “clean feel” due to its Salicylic Acid formulation coupled with Chamomile extracts that soothe redness. I like the product because it is soothing and doesn’t strip away the moisture on my combination skin. Biggest drawback is pump packaging which makes it difficult to travel with and it doesn’t wash away easily(the dove soap feeling). There is another variant available in Grapefruit which smells great and has beautiful color. I have continuously bought Neutrogena for almost 3 years now.


  • Garnier Men AcnoFight & Neem Face Washes

Garnier Men Acnofight is light blue in a creamy texture with  small exfoliating(strip away dead skin cells) particles, it has bilberry extract( to counter inflammation and redness), Kaolin( Oil clearing),lemon extract(to purify and lighten marks), and salicylic acid (exfoliating agent). However it also has fillers and menthol which doesn’t go very well with me. After washing the skin it leaves u with a dry almost matte skin(Which felt too dry). It rinses off  easily as it is almost like a creamy foam. Not going to buy it again!Fragrance is aftershave meets garnier fruitiness.

Garnier Neem Face Wash has a really pleasant fragrance and comes in clear green gel form. It has Neem leaf extract(which has antimicrobial properties and tea tree oil(fights anti fungal and antiseptic properties) among others. It washes off quite easily but not as easy as conventional soap. In terms of clearing acne I found it good for occasional breakouts. I would definitely buy it again if need be considering its so readily available and it’s quite affordable.


  • Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Daily Wash

Clearasil has a range of Acne targeted washes, the one I used came in a pump and had clear light blue liquid form, I used it for probably 7-8 days but found the menthol coolness and the strong smell (almost like that of a mouthwash) really off-putting. Also the skin became oily again in like 30 minutes. It has Salicylic Acid as active ingredient along with host of other less potent ingredients. It doesn’t wash easily like soap or clean and clear type washes.


  • Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

Body Shop has been slowly creeping up in terms of popularity and comes in a roundish bottle. Its primary active ingredient is Tea Tree oil(Melaleuca Alternifolia) as an antiseptic and antimicrobial coupled with Lemon tree Oil, Vitamin E, Allantoin(soothes inflammation)and Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil(commonly known as Sultan Champa). I personally didn’t like the fact that it has Menthol. Over 10 days that I used it, I found its efficacy moderate but some other folks swear by it. I prefer their concealer or small oil droplet itself for their better value for money.


  • Himalaya Neem Face wash

Another popular face wash in the lineup supposedly has all natural ingredients (which I think is debatable). It touts the fact that it has neem and turmeric both of which are traditional South Asian remedies for acne prone skin. It has a yellowish-green color and comes out quite in a thick matt gel like in consistency. It doesn’t work fast but over 15 days I found it somewhat effective and the fact that it doesn’t leave much residue and washes off easily is a plus for me.They have a foam variant in pump as well.It smells like a herbal neem soap if you have happened to use any you ll know what I am referring to.

Lastly, I would like to point out that above are Over the Counter solutions, if your breakout doesn’t heal/go away/or new ones come up after every 10 days, go see a dermatologist and get a prescription. Moreover these were my experiences on my skin, everybody has different interaction with different products, so what worked for me isn’t set in stone. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid are two most common active ingredients in OTC products that treat acne but what’s important is how much of these is in the product.  Also look for chamomile and other skin soothing ingredients as they calm and relieve redness.Lastly products that have a long list of ingredients are usually not that great. Hope this was helpful to everyone. You may comment what products would you want me to write about next, also if you want to know about any particular ingredient.



One response to “Best face washes for Acne-prone skin

  1. I’ve found that putting honey on your face for 20-40 minutes can really help diminish those pimples, too. I had a sudden acne outbreak once and honey helped get rid of it within a day, literally.

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