Fifth element brings Swarovski to Pakistan

5th element as the official distribution partner, launched Swarovski crystals in their store located on Zamzama, Karachi. Swarovski is the global leader in finest cut crystals which are lead free. If you have been following fashion and media events, you would remember designers often quoting that they have used Swarovski crystals in their designs.

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The 5th Element store offers 5th Element jewelry line, made with crystals from Swarovski. Besides that loose Swarovski crystals are displayed on the second floor. The Swarovski crystal range also includes sculptures & miniatures, pens and home décor.

At the store launch, there was the usual mix of Karachi’s glitterati and socialites. And along with product showcase there were 3 ensembles by Mohsin Sayeed’s pink tree label, in which they had designed pieces using Swarovski elements.

Going through several shelves and product displays filled with sparkly shiny things of various shapes and colors, I could sense that Pakistani designers and consumers would love this new venture by 5th Element as we are quite fond of blingy things as a society.

Out of all the assortments a black skull crystal and a tasbeeh made of Swarovski crystals caught my attention. I plan to get them as surprisingly they are not that expensive and look absolutely gorgeous!



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