Maybelline NY Milliennial Fashion #MNMF

Maybelline New York Millennial Fashion Show showcased 5 new and “upcoming” designers in a small fashion show of sorts. People in attendance voted to decide which one of the 5 designers actually gets to show at Fashion Pakistan Week main event scheduled to take place between 25-27th article header

As for each designer’s presentation, here is what I thought

Alish Mansoor(AIFD)’s collection titled Royal Soccer was a jumble of sorts. There was the archetypal honeycomb/football print and the monochromatic palette to justify the soccer part. The miscellany of  silhouettes ranging from drapes, structured jackets and a desperate attempt of including chains/metallic accents to make it look ‘royal’ showed how crucial name/theme of the collection can be. Mixing two essentially different themes i.e. regal aesthetic with something as sporty as soccer was oxymoron.


Abel Emmanuel’s (AIFD) collection made me wish that he wakes up from his ‘Scarlet night’ into a morning of simplicity. An oddball of a collection, it seemed like a repurposed semester project that focused more on showing ostentatious embellishments and techniques rather than tell a cohesive narrative. From a sari to ballooning cape-like top to an absurd evening gown there were a lot of things. He could have done away with those twee-looking headpieces.


Nitasha Yaqub (PIFD) Vanishing culture lived upto its name as it aimed to showcase the Aglo South Asians with quaint 1950s inspired looks. Composed of cream-hued ensembles that featured delicate accents of crochet and intricate embroidery Nitasha Yaqub was undoubtedly one of the best. Only if she takes care of small details like the unironed hems and uneven belts, her collection could go from good to great. May I have another cup of cinnamon tea with a slice of cosmopolitan cake please.


Sameer Sain(FP)’s Modern Denimology was the sole menswear collection. He seem to have employed a lighter weight raw denim fabric with jute accents and metal studs embellishments. The fit of pants was extra snug all the way down to calves which irked me a great deal. Besides the conspicuous jute patch on one of the pants, nothing really stood out. Hasina Khanani and Emraan Rajput both have done much better(if not great) use of denim if I may say so.


Madiha Raza(IVS)’s Flight of Birds certainly elevated her above the competition. The designer’s use of colorful tropical birds such as lorikeets and Amazonian macaws was a breath of fresh air. She masterfully employed cutouts, sheer fabrics, prints and even a healthy dose of quirky accessories. The styling and make-up was also on point. I wish she commercially produces and sells these. She not only got my vote but also got a standing ovation from everyone.

I must commend the Fashion Pakistan council for holding a separate event for newbies as it gives viewers a fairer perspective, they cannot be expected to compete for attention with experienced designers. Having said that one questions would people who haven’t studied fashion and have no work experience be allowed to showcase next year? Or was this a one-off “act of kindness”? Regardless I guess such menial things no longer matter because even 4 years of fashion education can’t teach you to iron your pieces before presentation. Last but not the least hats-off to Latitude CRS for keeping it small and on time.


2 responses to “Maybelline NY Milliennial Fashion #MNMF

  1. I’m sorry but I’m baffled by your review of Madiha Raza. The entire thing looks super tacky & crafty. Amateur.

    Those hideous green sloppy plastic-looking pants & you would like them to be made commercially? ***Scary***

    • Hello Not-so-chic,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I guess that those were made of leather/leatherite of some sort that was laser cut If I am not wrong.

      As for the designs being commercially produced, none of the designers actually produce exact replicas of what they show on runways. It was her show of skill and finesse in construction that moved me.

      Having said all this I do understand that what I like may not sit well with other people.That’s perfectly alright. To each his own.

      I really appreciate you taking the time out and commenting here. 🙂

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