13th Lux Style Awards finally take place

Yes the awards ceremony finally took place yesterday after being delayed for umpteenth time, Unilever folks held a humble press event where winners posed with their photos and trophies.aamiriat lsa

So how was the jury session, why did some seemingly good entries didn’t win? here it is

When I was called by the very kind Lux folks earlier this year for being in the jury, I felt immensely humbled but I always thought I wasn’t competent/worthy enough to be in that position as it is a position having a lot of responsibility. The voting sessions were like any other corporate meeting where you screen agencies or  candidates and fill out rating sheets.

Some folks asked me today after the announcements whether the people I voted for end up winning. Well not all did but then you win you lose some. In the same way like any other awards it did leave a lot of people disgruntled with a visceral feeling of “unfairness”. You know “withdrawal symptoms” first for not being nominated and then some for not winning. I must admit that back in the day as a viewer even I also used to accuse the LSA folks the same way.

So why is it that some people don’t win? here are my top 4 reasons that I think people are not nominated for or end up winning an LSA:

  1.  Lacklustre portfolios: Surely some people did some groundbreaking work but how would judges know if these amazing people send 5 pictures that are nothing but visual cacophony.What about format? Or a slide show or captions?
  2. Elusive/Non social personalities: Yes people who are warm and those that are easy to work with tend to have higher chance of getting more work and in turn have higher chances of winning awards. People who have a say in choosing who wins experience these things first hand. However ones too-eager-to-please have opposite effect.
  3. Inconsistent Quality of work: Ok so you did 100 shoots/projects butthe thing is if you don’t deliver consistently, and do some really dumbed down/lowbrow shoots, chances are your bad impression will ruin the whole thing for you.
  4. Hint of Cryonism: As much as I hate to say it, it is there and everybody has favourites. PR and socializing do help, and also people who judge have a certain taste (or lack of thereof) if you don’t sit well with that or God forbid rub them the wrong way you might as well prepare to live in LSA exile (like Alaia’s feud with fashion high priestess Anna Wintour has rendered him practically forgotten from popular culture)

After everything is said and done you cannot put down an award recipient as the unjust beneficiary of a jury member’s generosity or otherwise. There are number of factors at play. Awards and accolades are great, but remember that even Grammy Awards and prestigious Academy Awards are replete with accusations.winners It is an undeniable fact that LSAs are the original fashion awards, the very first ones that started this craze back in 2002. By being part of the jury for LSA2014 I did In a way went on to be inside centers of the conspiracy theories, but as I sat in that privileged chair I’ve been both disappointed and relieved to find LSA is pretty much like the world on the outside. You cannot dismiss them as mere vanity projects.

Karl Lagerfeld once said and it holds true here that:

Lots of boys and girls want to do it but only a few make it…To do this job, you must be able to accept injustice…If you want social justice, be a civil servant. Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous, and unfair.


7 responses to “13th Lux Style Awards finally take place

  1. Im sorry aamir, but how could sana safinaz/sania not get pret? How did iman Ahmed of all people even nominated? She didnt show last year, at least her 2013 win was justified by her 2012 few showing. Too much favoritism in this process: if you think someone’s that great you should give them a lifetime achievement and be done with it . Sania maskatiya, ok, a case can be made, but her is hardly the first name you think of when you think luxury pret. And for lawn?? Didnt she get dropped after one year? And when will jesus Christ incarnate lose his appeal as a male model? Tang nahi Aana?

    • HAHAHAH.
      You don’t need to be sorry.
      I cannot and will not defend each winner since I didnt agree with all of them too.But since I was in there I could assure you it was all debated.
      As for the jesus lookalike I think he has already died his natural death.
      Also the jury members do not have a 100% say in who gets it. You can obviously blame us for nominations which I think were relatively balanced.

      • No, the nominations were fine really, pretty well-balanced. but considering this happens like every year, who is in the final jury and how does the final jury work?

  2. one needed the insight that you shared . Thank you 🙂 But i would still be looking forward to 2 /3 facebook statuses popping up by the ones who either didnt win it or never get nominated . its so much fun, especially the comments 😀

    • Oh yea, likewise. Remember the long comment thread last year, where everyone who wasn’t invited or nominated ranted their hearts out.
      Damn I wish I had taken screenshots,entertains me every time I think of those poor folks

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