Misses at PFDC SunSilk Fashion Week S/S 2015

My misses posts are something that come out like vomit with little control and I am certainly not proud of the mess they create afterwards. I appreciate people have a jolly good time reading it but at the end of the day it is at someone’s expense. I have learnt that the same way I criticize people, people would criticize me and my blog which they refuse to try to understand. As a designer and a blogger one has to be courageous enough and be true to who we are despite the ignorance of other. I am not Biryani I can’t please everyone.

hisses pfdc


Misha Lakhani was more like leftovers from fridge. Incoherent bits like red off-the-shoulder gown from vintage Valentino and a drop-waist blue number ala Balenciaga. Besides the incoherent collection, the construction was rather unsatisfactory as well. It was as if one had walked into a shoddy replica handbag shop on Tariq road and deep down you know it’s not the real deal with its defects and shortcomings. She should have stuck to the few eastern pieces that she does.


Natasha Kamal of ‘Zuhar Murad inspired’ fame presented ‘le nouvel esprit’ titled collection which hardly had any spirit so to say (newness would be rather a stretch). She has good ideas but when executed they didn’t look fanciful enough, be it the art-deco geometric patterns to organza swirls that looked like rice crackers served with soup from Chinese take-outs. The tube top with billowing skirt on Cybil was rather upsetting. Still waiting for the kamal part of it all.


Sitting through Nickie and Nina’s collection was akin to having ketchup with a paratha. Even though the clothes were pretty worked on and the silhouettes were contemporary they still reeked of bridal sensibilities, like the Qorma smell that lingers on. The covetable neon geometric handbags reminded one of triangular clutch by Herve ledger, Nabila also did a stellar job with eye makeup. But it wasn’t only the bags that were being sold.


Nida Azwer one of the few designers who have been showing at every fashion week, showed her ‘Iznik’ collection here that left me feeling blue. It built on the designer’s love for all things blue and grey but overtime the recurrent aesthetic has become wearisome like the bane of aloo gosht that your mom cooks day in and day out whole week . Out of the whole collection I liked the saari with marigold yellow full sleeve blouse probably cuz it stood out like achar in that boring lunch.


Raya Gillani’s collection had 99 problems, bad foundation garments was just one of them. The somber coffee stain color palate, the unsatisfying sewing and use of the tacky black crochet knitted together an image of a dreary Sunday. Itsy-bitsy Amna Baber looked as if she was wearing an adult diaper that needed to be changed.


You either like Teena by Hina Butt’s aesthetic or I like you. That’s how I really felt about this collection, her brash use of oranges, reds, and green on a base of white was akin to having a saucy item number by Himesh Reshamiya in a serious Shyam Benegal arty movie. The soul destroying collection tried hard with crafty accessories but needed some complexity to have a soul.


Saira Shakira and I are in the same rut, both of us direly need an editor to guide and edit our content. More like my stomach after a hearty iftar in Ramdan, it had a lot going on and was at time hard to digest. It could have easily progressed with just one theme, 4 distinct directions from swirly black n white print to light jade and then to elements of florals was overkill. My favorite was simpleton printed ensemble on Fia.


The clothes by Zara Shahjahan  got warped in some strenuous time travel machine. The layering of flirty  frock over voluminous shalwar was fun but was it fashion forward? Then there were attempts at mod sensibilities by having slim pants. But save the androgynous waistcoats and that one tunic with an extended panel like a saari paloo the collection was more or less abortive.


Hassan Riaz’s collection put me through abject bondage-y torment. Considering he made his pieces white and used florals to evoke spring, they still looked looked execrably gimmicky because of the flowers  he chose to put on. His attempts at incorporating flowy fabric with corsetry, beltstraps and stiff materials didn’t really sit well either. Once a designer moves away from a graduate show to a full-fledged one, they should consider retail potential and wearabilty. Every student learns to make a corset top, a short flared skirt.


Huma and Amir Adnan conspicuously chose to show together this time. Amir Adnan more or less made derivatives of his FPW collection using elements of rich paisley fabric that looked more like bronzy 70s than royalty this time. Huma Adnan’s choice of lace was ill-conceived, the crinoline-like volume below Neha’s kollywood green sari looked as if she is giving birth then and there. Out of their whole showcase If I had to pick something I ll pick sherwanis on Asif Rehman and Aimal Khan.


Nature has funny ways to get back at me; Syeda Amera was one such good joke. If Frozen was made by Middle Easterners these would be Elsa’s tacky outfits because of her tacky blue-green and aquamarine beading on nude fabric and to add insult to injury the back of the dresses were bare with no embroidery, her clients would be stuck to a wall like a Barbie doll in a box. She tried her best to be Elie Saab but her flight from Lahore didn’t even make it to Lebanon and managed to do emergency landing at Dubai instead.
All the long debates on blogger’ credibility and competence to critique a collection have raged on but in the end readers decide where we take this. I refuse to ride on the proverbial high horse to defend something which isn’t there in the first place, I continue to write what I feel like and don’t take my blog that seriously. On my recent trip to a few of Lahore’s designer stores I realized I can’t afford 97% of them and there is no shame in admitting that. People who actually buy their wares don’t read aamiriat. Most of their insecurities and my irregularities are rendered baseless because of that.I am really hungry I am going to have food.
p.s. if any of the designers reviewed here don’t like what I have written/don’t agree/ no longer want their collections reviewed here. They can message me at http://www.facebook.com/aamiriat and it will removed in a jiffy


18 responses to “Misses at PFDC SunSilk Fashion Week S/S 2015

  1. What happened to misha lakhani :/ I think she just copied a few random “samples” hanging in her closet and thought it works as a collection. Natasha kamal’s was boring. The ruffles were the only interesting bit but not very elegant. Spark was missing.

    • Yes thats what I thought too. Misha Lakhani does pretty decent bridally designs. It was an ill advised move.

      Natasha never really did it for me. She keeps doing these nude and gold things but lacks finesse

  2. lol entertaining like always! I think you are unfair to Nida Azwer and Misha Lakhani – they weren’t the best but they don’t deserve the “worst” title either. Also, if you make a top 10 list of designers from Lahore and Karachi combined who would be on it?? Your taste is so different from most “praise-all-critique-nobody” journalists so i’m curious to see what that list would look like

    • Hi Aalia,
      I might have been to Nida but I honestly didnt like Misha Lakhani but then I am not on high horse of fashion authority or a fashion priest. I may be wrong.
      I dont have a top ten but here are the five I actually like
      1. Zaheer Abbas
      2. Fahad Hussayn
      3. Iman Body Focus Museum
      4. Adnan Pardesy
      5. Sonya Batla

      all for various reasons but frankly I cant afford any of them. I usually get my own clothes stitched and wear Gulahmed Khaadi Outfitters and Stoneage.

  3. Sorry to say its easy to write drama eating stuff fashion for others and u believe in your personal liking. I believe as writer you need to consider the universal liking. Your personal liking matter nothing to other people. But you need to be at least true because most of the work you badly praised is hot tops in alot international bloggers. So stop making your stuff intresting for nothing. Thanks though it’s true and well written for people who doesn’t know or understand fashion thank you

    • Thank you for taking time out to read my blog. I never dictate that you should like what i like or agree to whatever I wtite.

      I write because i like to, its a free world you are free to like whatever you want. In the end nothing neither your nor my opinion really makes a difference

  4. But on factual note you must have the courage to talk the truth rather than being a political fashion writter supporting those who can support you hahah. So in a free world it doesn’t mean that you write whatever you want without the real knowledge about its back. Enjoy it.

  5. In some cases you wrote the truth which is appreciated but in some your knowledge lacked. Thank u

  6. Absolutely loved this post. Your food references were just too good, gave me a hearty chuckle 🙂 I do not know much about fashion but none of these designs are appealing to me. I would never buy these designs or anything related to these designs from store. So yeah they deserve to be in the worst. The worst is definitely Syeda Amera.

    Loved reading this post. Will be looking forward to your next ones 🙂

  7. hilarious! thoroughly enjoyed it. even though i disagreed with a few things – but still, loved the piece.

    • That’s the spirit. You don’t have to agree with whatever I have written you just have to consider it.
      I am glad you had a good time reading it 🙂

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