Tittle-Tattle with Amna Baber and Sadaf Kanwal

Who runs the world? These girls.Sadaf Kanwal with her Cara Delevingne brows and gregariousness; And Amna Baber through her glamorous gaze &  unpredictable whimsy personality have taken the Pakistani fashion by storm. Owing to their near ubiquitousness of lawn billboards with Sadaf at Khaadi and Amna at Sana Safinaz, both have graced almost all major magazine covers and hordes of fashion shoots.sadaf kanwal amna baber interview

Here with aamiriat they talk about their start, having burgers and Nihari, dark skin complex and the men they find  attractive.

When did you start modeling professionally?
Amna Baber: 2010
Sadaf Kanwal : 2012

What was the very first paid assignment that you did?
Amna Baber: It was PFDC Fashion Week 2010 that took place in Karachi
Sadaf Kanwal: I started with a TV commercial and I vividly remember getting 25k for it.

What is the one thing you have decided that you‘ll never do?
Amna Baber : Swimsuits and Lingerie are no-go area , something I think I’ll never do.
Sadaf Kanwal: I will never do this Telebrand ads, they are very passé . That’s a definite no go area for me.

Is it true that female models starve themselves to stay in shape? When was the last time you had something wholesome?
Amna Baber : Absolutely not, not true for me atleast given that I just had Nihari today
Sadaf Kanwal : No, I for one eat a lot. I have a pizza or a burger every second day. I feel it’s just that you need to keep up your exercise regime.

Is being fair a necessity for modeling in Pakistan? Do you think you would have been be as successful as you are if you were darker skinned?
Amna Baber : Not true It’s just how you charm the camera, that’s it.
Sadaf Kanwal: Not necessarily. Pakistan media has become very receptive to darker skinned girls overtime. Most of our biggest models are darker skinned.

What is your take on surgeries and cosmetic enhancements like fillers and Botox? 
Amna Baber:I personally feel that there is nothing bad about surgeries and botox but you should go for them when you need it not before time unnecessarily. It is for old people.
Sadaf Kanwal:If it’s really necessary for a person’s self esteem or professional growth then why not, all around the world people opt for cosmetic enhancements but in Pakistan we create issues out of everything.

Amna Baber,strictly on personal preference pick one

HSY or Frieha? HSY
Sabs or Nabila? SABS
Elan or Shehla Chatoor? Elan
Khaadi or Sana Safinaz? Sana Safinaz
Shahzad Noor or Abbas Jafri? Shahzad Noor
Shahbaz Shazi or Nadir Feroz? Nadir Feroz


Sadaf Kanwal, strictly on personal preference pick one

HSY or Frieha? HSY
Sabs or Nabila? Nabila
Elan or Shehla Chatoor? Shehla
Khaadi or Sana Safinaz? Khaddi
Shahzad Noor or Abbas Jafri?
Shahbaz Shazi or Nadir Feroz? Nadir Feroz

There a lot of guys out there who are really interested in you, what is that one thing that they should never do when approaching you?
Amna Baber:Those who do not take modeling as a serious job are a big turn-off
Sadaf Kanwal: I hate it when someone is trying to be show off and cheesy in their demeanor

And when I asked them if there was any male model or celebrity they find interesting or would like to date or something, there was an airy silence where you could even hear the crickets chirping. So I guess you get the idea.

Photos Courtesy: NFK and campaign images by respective brands


4 responses to “Tittle-Tattle with Amna Baber and Sadaf Kanwal

  1. Like ur interviews a lot…question what r top 5 collections you have seen in the past yr? And why? As aspiring bloggr would appriciate your views

    • Thank you. It was not really an interview more like a pointless chat.
      As for my top 5 collections
      1.Shehla Chatoor
      3.Fahad Hussayn
      4. Zaheer Abbas
      5.Maheen Khan

      But there were a few hits n misses there too. I liked fall collection of one and spring collection of another. So yea there they are.

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