SunSilk made my PFDC dream come true

I always wanted to attend PFDC SunSilk Fashion Week but had been unable to do so either because of my day job or the the economics of the trip(why would I pay for something which doesn’t get paid or laid??!!). So it was like a dream come to true when the SunSilk folks made it happen for me i.e. I was flown in for the the event. But why SunSilk? I wondered why?


At the event in Lahore’s swanky Expo Centre there was SunSilk lounge, whose ambience and décor changed every day to reflect upcoming Fashion Edition bottles. Kudos to Rak Associates! If I had to take a pick I would say the yellow lounge was my favourite.

Then during the fashion presentations select members of press and front row got the most quirky yet helpful giveaway bags by SunSilk that contained a bar of chocolate , a bag of nimco, bandaid, a strip of panadol,extra breath mints, water bottle, a scrunchie, hair brush and obviously a SunSilk shampoo bottle. Don’t ask me why all this stuff, cuz trust me this is a fashion survival kit.

I was always curious that given the fact that brands jump ship from one fashion event to another what had made SunSilk stick to PFDC for this long. So I asked all this and more from the brand team at SunSilk and this what they had to say:

Q1: How long has Sunsilk been associated with PFDC fashion week? And why is it such a good fit

Ans :Sunsilk’s consumers are very fashion conscious and want to be trendy and up-to-date with what’s happening. We understood this and collaborated with the Pakistan Fashion Design Council in 2010 for the first time to present the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.

Q2: How did the #SunSilkdreams campaign come into being?

Ans: Sunsilk knows that the young girl of today aspires for a better future for herself and wants to carve her own destiny. We also believe that the barrier to her success is her own self belief. Hair is an expression of self belief- when you look good it makes you feel good and gives you the courage to make opportunities happen. So basically “jab baal hon saath, ban jaye har baat”, which is the campaign idea driving this activity.

We have embarked on the journey to give dream hair makeovers to girls across Pakistan through our pop up salons and Style Bus. Alongside we want to hear their dreams and aspirations, so that we can give a makeover to their dreams- the campaign name thus being a double entendre.

Q3: What purpose do SunSilk lounges serve for the brand itself?

  •  The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week serves as the seeding platform for the Sunsilk Fashion Edition, and provide an interesting backdrop to our activities at the fashion week.
  • Our innovative lounge setup based on the four designer bottles, embodying the story/theme as depicted by the designer in their bottle designs play a key role in seeding these designs.
  • The content generated at the lounges and at the fashion week help us take the glamour of this wonderful event to our girls who are eager to follow fashion trends and see what their favorite celebrities are up to.

Having worked at marketing agencies and studying business for 6 years, I do understand the benefits of strategic partnerships and the other such meaningless business speak. But in all honestly interacting with young girls participating in their Dolmen Mall activity and then at Fashion Lounges at this PFDC fashion week I do get it.The brand’s fit with Fashion is quite organic but probably more of these activations are needed in smaller cities like Sukkur Hyd Multan where there are more girls waiting to be inspired. Also I reminisce local ads with Ayaan, Humaima why don’t we bring back our ad campaigns featuring local stars rather than going for foreign adaptations.

People say I am very harsh and downright demeaning but then I also dispense some downright good shit like this one and never get paid for any of it. So why bother! Oh there I go ranting again. I should probably save my bile for next scathing post


2 responses to “SunSilk made my PFDC dream come true

  1. Not sure why I haven’t commented on this before so here goes.. Really like a good honest objectivr view like this one on brand partnerships and activations- it encourages one to carry on with the positives and at the same time appreciate what more could be done. So thank you!

    P.S: it’s always Sunsilk, not SunSilk. 🙂

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