aamiriat’s favourite Men’s Colognes

I am hardly the vain person known to splurge on personal grooming and products but when I do, I drop the bank like Beyonce pouring $20000 Aces of Spades wine down the tub in the new Nickie Minaj music video. Imm hmmm! Colognes are probably the only expensive thing I buy for myself. I reviewed Versace Yellow Diamonds two years back and found out there are no recommendations for guys here.

For a refresher not all perfumes are equal, there is a reason why some last longer than others, one of them is that the formulation: if you pay attention to packaging you’ll notice they are labelled differently Eau de Cologne means that it has about 2–6% aromatic compounds, Eau de Toilette has around 10%, and Eau de Parfum /Parfum de Toilette has around 15% . Another reason is to understand that they are made in layers(notes), there is a initial burst, then middle one and then last lingering smell that stays on for quite long. Same perfume would smell different on different people because of different body chemistry.


Hugo Boss Energise:

Hugo Boss EnergiseIts a floral scent with bits of mint, lemon , vanilla and cardamom. It could easily be a women’s perfume but I like it cuz I used it during my university days 2006-10. It has this youthful nostalgia associated to it. The crushes, the GPA worries, assignment deadlines. Do try before buying it as it does not go with every skins’ chemistry and turns foul in base notes just like some people don’t get to graduate with minimum 3 GPA. SIGH! Longevity around 5/10. It does stain so be careful when spraying.


Acqua di Gio:Armani Acqua di Gio  aamiriat

The grand daddy of all perfumes, it blends so easily and discreetly you can go from a wedding to a funeral not be thought of as an insensitive jerk that you are. Its clean flowery scent that makes it unisexual but like Clinique happy it stays masculine because of it complexity. I hate that it doesn’t last long and keeps changing its characteristic depending upon the temperature. Longevity 3/10, it doesn’t stain at all.


Clinique Happy for Men:

Clinique Happy Edt Perfume  For Men 100MLMy go to, no brainer option that’s not overpowering with smell of oranges and lime rind but somehow its still not feminine fruity its fresh cuz it has a woody base of cedar. Perfect for lift me up Mondays, or those lethargic hot Saturday brunch. You are virginal clean, impeccable .the smell is not overpowering you can layer it with other perfumes. Longevity 4/10, thankfully it doesn’t stain so yay!!!


Burberry Rhythm:burberry_introduces_new_mens_fragrance_brit_rhythm

Its irreverent yet masculine something I wear to work or to hang out with friends. It has distinct paotuchili , basil and juniper berries smell to it. It does feel synthetic if you ask me but Its a sophisticated upgrade from nike ,addidas type things teenagers buy. Like the young guys who have underground bands and shit. it made sense. Its on the go, something you can stretch from day to night. It gave me delusion of fame and youth. Longevity 7/10, it didn’t stain.


Dunhill Custom:

F1154_Dunhill_740_x_260It dark rich woody fragrance with heavy bursts of apple,pepper and incense. I can only wear it at night, considering my perceptual pigeon holing it feels very English with imagery of heavy tweed suits, and tanned leather given the image of Dunhill. I like the heavy glass bottle and use the empty ones as paper weight. Longevity 8/10. It stains because the liquid itself is amber-colored.


Kenneth Cole Black:

kenneth cole black aamiriatA favorite of mine for the night out, it effectively makes me feel like a rich whore, the kind that live in penthouse apartments not the roadside ones just to clarify those are BVLGARI sluts.It has a woody base with hints of ginger, mint, and incense. Its good value for money and definitely meant for action if you know what I mean. Longevity 9/10 and it doesn’t stain.


Versace Eros:

Versace Eros aamiriatVersace Eros for me brings unabashed lust and desire. This is an all out bold sex machine.It smells of vanilla ,cedar, mint, apple and citrusy vagueness .Quite complex to pick a major note if you ask me, but this is the ‘other woman scent’ imagine JLo is sheer dresses compared to how an average Pakistani mom dresses. This is precisely how it makes you feel. Definitely for going out at night it stays fairly long and doesn’t stain, I like the color of blue glass bottle 8/10.


So yea here is what I liked and use day in and day our, I have very strong memory related to the smells the people I have met and how they smelled. And consequently if I didn’t like the person I ended up hating the perfume as well. Probably its an aamiriat only thing or may be not.I would want to know what you use or like to smell on others.Adios


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