aamiriat on keeping your kicks fresh

I was going through my wardrobe of shoes and noticed that lot of my sneakers could use a bit of cleaning. Back when I started collecting shoes 6 years ago, I knew little. Barnes and Nobles books and Conde Nast magazines would only referenced fancy shoe shampoos and nifty brushes , but you know a dude has gotta keep his kicks fresh. Wearing sneakers(especially light colored ones) is like wearing white underpants you gotta be extra careful. cleaning sneakers

I went through Aghas, Farids and couldn’t even find one of those. So I researched materials and the chemicals in those solutions to make alternatives of my own.To clarfiy, I am here taking about canvas, pleather, PVC and shoes of other similar materials. Suede and velvet would be handled in a different post. First things first like laundry you need to know type of stain you have got, unlike your character you can get rid of stains off your shoes. You need dishwashing liquid like Vim for oil based stain, Surf Excel for broader area of stains, rubber for pencil other such dry surface stains, mild bleach like Robin or Kiwi bleach for yellowing of white rubber, a butter knife to pull out gunk from the soles. Make sure you read the care labels, before applying anything.In the tools you need small bowls, tooth brushes with hard bristles, and terry cloth(or gaari saf karne wala kapra) cleaning sneakers

When you spill something on the shoes, try to pick it off by a dry cloth before letting it absorb. If it has absorbed deep within let it dry so you can dust off the residual with a hard brush. Always take out the shoe laces and clean them separately or you risk staining them around eyelets. Wash the laces like you wash your white socks (separately and with care).

On colored canvas shoes use a soapy mix surf excel in warm water and try to gentle dap with terry cloth/brush and then remove the cleansed area with just water to remove soap excess and air dry it. You could use hair dryer if you are impatient. To take care of yellowing converse style sneakers, make sure it is rubber that you are trying to clean. Mix a solution of one part of bleach and 3 parts water. Carefully rub it on the soles and front area. Remember if it spills on to colored fabric portion, you would practically ruin it. Neutralize the surface by wiping it clean with a damp cloth few times. This would remove the precarious skid marks and others too.

White faux leather shoes need most care because they are often made with cheaper PVC type materials and a bleach solution might just bleed color treatment. A liquid soap solution is the safest bet, use tooth brush and Vim to gently scrub things out and then wipe clean with a damp cloth. I use hair shampoo if I am too careful. Baking soda  and vinegar are great deodrants too

Just don’t put it in washing machine. A machine costs 15000, good shoes 13-15k I guess you can do the math. Don’t submerge it in a bucket of water! Just don’t


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