Talking Dress Shoes with Jauhar Veljee of Sputnik

I am so obsessed with footwear that I spend almost half of my monthly salary on them at times. And in case you didn’t notice this is the second post on footwear in a month. It’s not that I ll buy to collect I am really keen on details, on the shapes I like, finishes I prefer and the shape of the toe among other things. So when I had the chance to talk to Mr. Jauhar Veljee, Director Marketing at Sputnik Footwear to talk about shoes. I jumped with joy!

veljee sputnik aamiriat

As it turns out Sputnik is not a new shoe manufacturing and retailing concern. The founding family of Veljees  moved from Goa, India during the partition . They founded the Sputnik Footwear company in 1967 with their first store in Zaibunissa Street in Saddar.  Now Sputnik is a third generation family business that continues to produce and sell quality footwear for a range of Pakistani demographics.

We talked at a great length about the various toe shapes and what really sells in Pakistani market. I was surprised to find that majority of people don’t really pay head to international footwear trends originating from Europe or North America. Loafers still sell quite well, and that people don’t really have a penchant for shoes with laces for one. Apron toe construction also does well, so do buckles resembling those of Gucci.


Besides the mass-line, they showed me few shoes from their exclusive in-house brand called Veljee, that is produced in Italy by the same suppliers as those of renowned Fashion brands such as Valentino, Armani and Prada. They told me they felt a need for it because there was select group of veteran customers who preferred the refinement that the brands like Armani and Valentino  offer but they didn’t really like the direction of design that the Europeans were heading to. There were a range of Valentino shoes in the showcase display as well next to this in-house brand you know just in case. The prices are steep expect to shell big loads to buy a luxury shoe.I love the snakeskin shoe but it would take some  for me to buy it.


Another range worthy of mention was Florsheim Shoes  a shoe brand well over 120 years old from Wisconsin, USA. An interesting piece of history is that Kind of Pop Michael Jackson used to wear shoes made by this company. Sputnik carries a decent range of these to choose from. I particularly liked the loafers with woven leather they had in display.


If its comfort that you are really after then Sputnik Showcase also carries a range of imported formal footwear from Brazil called Dressuals.They are probably are the first to offer shoes using ‘Anatomic Gel’ Technology. They feature a unique tumble grain leather upper, a sole made of pure rubber gel and full anti-bacterial sheep skin lining that allow for utmost comfort and cushioned walking. I tried them on, they felt almost like comfy night slipper which was rather astonishing. Only if they were more reasonably priced I would buy a few pairs of those because it is quite hard to find shoes that don’t look boxy huge yet are comfortable to walk in.

If you don’t know much about what you like and find it hard to put it in words, here is a helpful infographic which tells you basics about dress shoes shapes/types and what to call them:dress shoes infographic



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