Copycats keep on coming in 2015

It’s been a while since I last posted here, I read a quote by Urdu philosopher John Elia that roughly translates into ‘A lot of people need to be reading but they are writing’ and I acted upon it. Rightfully so for past few months have been gradual  realization of my ignorance. I have been reading extensively on fashion and apparel history to counter that. Also times are changing the proverbial pots that used to call kettle black have resorted to same ‘monkey business’ for one. But copycats continued to flourish in various forms and ironies abound as well.

bc copy Ironically,last week  the Federal Investigation Agency FIA raided the shop of a cloth merchant in Tariq Road for producing fake Sana Safinaz joras, victory for Copyrights Act proponents! It’s probably the first such arrest after Oxford University Press Pakistan got a printer arrested for making pirated copies of their books. But what an irony it is that Sana Safinaz ha ha ha hmm.

Lets start with the one that created the most buzz, little known designer Ayesha Khurram plagiarizing illustration off of instagram and worst of all the affected illustrator Antonio Soares himself started calling her out. I am sure had it been a local artist people would have been like the artist should be thankful, designer made the illustrations famous.  It was hypocritical that she was singled out while a lot of other get away with it but then she also served as a Principal of AIFD(one of the two premier fashion schools in KHI)

Speaking of highstreet there was red camouflage at Gulabo referencing Valentino‘s streetwear hit and the flamingo print at Sapphire . Kudos to design student who asked to keep his identity private and to The Style Journal who spotted the latter few months ago.

Then there is Zara Shajahan,a designer  thought to posses a lot of potential by every print journalist also rolled out Lawn print copied from Emilio Pucci Pre Fall 2014 collection. There were no rebuttals or anything. Just unabashed smugness as she took to her social media to bash people making lawn replicas.Luxe Pakistan was vigilant enough to  post that even her critically acclaimed bug print screamed Tory Burch Fall 2013.

Tabassum Mughal one of aamiriat‘s regulars was in press the whole year, somehow even the people who deemed copied lawn no big deal were tempted to write about her copying a piece from Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2015 collection. But Luxe Pakistan went a step further and found her copying  bridals from Sabyasachi from across the border.

Umaima Mustafa, Threads & Motifs  and Aleena & Fareena are all set to take the crown of most copied design from Balmain to Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015.Luxe Pakistan was at it again. In the retrospect I think it’s a good PR tactic to copy a well-known label and to go from relative obscurity to notoriety and fame.

Nida Azwer who was clever enough to get the copied jora off the Internet last time around, photocopied another one and managed to show it in her collection titled ‘French Trellis‘ at FPW SS 2015. I had waited long and hard to let this pass but then if we are counting them all why spare one from Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall  2013 collection.

When I started spotting copies there were long articles written in defence of high-street, democratization of fashion and Schumer Bill of Copyright in Fashion but at the end of the day people don’t get in to nitty gritties if they are paying premium for perceived exclusivity they expect authenticity in design.  But these are just the tip of the iceberg, we fashion ‘bloggers’ are barely scratching the surface of it all. It brings me immense joy when other people spot such cases, it is sort of comforting to know that people are watching and are not afraid to call spade a spade.


12 responses to “Copycats keep on coming in 2015

    • I couldn’t agree anymore. It just wont stop year after year. More than issue of plagiarism it is issue of ethical corruption.

      I so want you guys to start writing again.Please reinvigorate the blog!

  1. Well I literally have no words! This really needs to stop.
    There are a very few people who stand & talk about this,I’m glad you wrote about it.
    This was much needed.

  2. B/w there are no copyrights in fashion. These can not be challenged in courts. that is why levis 501’s pattern is not copyright but its labels buttons back pocket decoration stitching etc.
    If a motif is picked color can be changed even if the color is same by the naked eye what about through spectrophoto meter?

    • I acknowledge your right to have an opinion different from mine but technicalities aside its not even ehtically right to leech off of someone ‘s creative work and make money off of it without acknowledging/compensating them. Thats all! 🙂

  3. How safe is our Fashion for us?
    We normally see that women wear bridal dresses with embroidery of like Karchobi, Aar, Dabka etc. these are made from metal thread.
    • Did we ever realized that these metal threads are not from any leading branded thread manufacturers these metal thread may contain Lead, Nickel, Cadmium or many other heavy metals which might be hazardous for the wearer. Plus lady could be a young mother what if the baby takes that thread into his/her mouth?
    • Did we ever realize that these are made on addaas (wooden frames) the workers sweat, could have a runny nose or they could puncture their skin through a sharp tool and there could be blood on the fabric. All these body secretions are carrier of virus like ebola, HIV, Hepatitis etc. and these garments are not disinfected or washed before wearing. Imagine the amount of risk our women are exposed to.
    • Did we ever realize that these types of embroidery have sharp edges at the back and cause irritation, scratches etc. to the skin of the wearer. What if the lady is diabetic?
    • All leading brands are all OEKO-TEX® certified means that the chemicals and dye stuffs that they use are not harmful for humans but cheap replicas do not follow such compliance protocols. As a result their products may have AZO and Formaldehydes which are carcinogenic chemicals and are banned in Europe. Check out this article which is on loose clothing and fatal accidents. check this out too loose clothing and death on escalator. And yet our designers are designing long dresses.

    Our women also have a right to stay safe not only the women in the western world

    Stay Safe and Best Regards
    Fashion Guru

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