Magnum Party 2015

So you all must have watched the sultry Kareena Ads asking if you had been invited to the Magnum Party. Thanks to kindness of Golin Pakistan folks,  I did receive  an invite with a Mahin Karim print scarf . Although the invite dictated “Shades of Chocolates” as the dress code, very few people actually stuck to it.


To the novice here is a little background, Magnum is a frozen dessert (not ice cream technically) marketed by Walls/Unilever. It is probably the first brand in Pakistan that took a petty product out of shop freezers and put it into their own restaurant-type serving retail space to elevate its brand positioning . This party is also such a leap of faith considering they have been trying to reinforce the brand’s premium attributes by associating it with celebrities and fashion

Magnum Party held under the auspices of PR empress Frieha Altaf was crisp proving that she does know how to make models really walk and have a whole village fair on ramp. You gotta give it to her. The decadent décor by Unilever favourites Rak associates also rolled out a pretty dope looking decor. The interior of main marquee had a lot to write home about from the gold bar, the video display screens, the seating, intricate chocolate sculptures and even a cringe worthy chocolate wall which was oozing molten chocolate.

When the show started with Shehla Chatoor’s showcase the first thing to realize that the whole presentation concept was an ode to Chanels fashion shows where the models interact with actors in the theatrical presentations.

The good parts were: Frieha Altaf’s no-bullshit choreography, Opulent decor by Rak Associates,Quirky  Magnum bar clutches by Shehla Chatoor, Kiran Aman’s fine jewelry on Mahin Karim models, the fitter hotter Sunita Marshal, the quilting piece on Areeba Habib by Nomi Ansari, the fabulous tousled hair on Republic models by N-Gents, Glamorous Khadija Shah herself and her quirky tequila bottle clutch, Fahad Hussayn’s Installation made of Ice cream sticks, and lastly Amna Baber’s fierce flipping of her pony tail.

The bad parts: Designers trying to incorporate Magnum elements  into their design by unimaginative prints, Zara Peerzada failing as runway model harder than Imran Khan losing in elections,  Abundance of bronzer and gold akin to oil on Nihari,  Abbas Jafri giving an ode to Nickie Minaj’s Anaconda with his butt(Everybody noticed it, I just blurted it out), inclusion of inoffensive ball gowns to depict glamour and grandeur much like Meera‘s cameo in Dekh Magar Pyar se ,audience whistling and cheering at Sadaf Kanwal as if it was a VS show(we know you are a fan keep it in your pants), crinoline-based piece by Mahin Karim that should be banned like Altaf Hussain’s speeches, and disappointing bartenders that rather than going to Bangkok went to Tamil Nadu instead by changing into tacky gold costumes.

I have had a really hard time explaining to common folk  that how customizing a bar of frozen dessert jacks up its price to almost double and how this event results in superior brand image for Magnum. Letting everything aside one thing did happen that is 5 prolific designers graduated on the fateful night of 29th Aug at #MagnumParty15. If you remove the names you wouldn’t be able to point which designer made which collection, there were barely any depth let alone signature aesthetic much like 100 crore movies of Bollywood.

In an effort to pull out all proverbial rabbits out of their hats the designers presented collections that looked rather like graduate collections with a vomit of gold. Sometimes the shallowness was thorough, it was almost like depth. I remember reading a fashion merchandising book in 2012 by Caroline Tatham and I now know to be it true that” there is no bigger sin than being too literal in Fashion”.


9 responses to “Magnum Party 2015

  1. I wasn’t there but your review makes me feel like I saw it all with my own eyes. Very well described, as usual 🙂

  2. I wasn’t there but from the pictures I liked the decore and one thing that you haven’t mentioned, selfie mirror. For the collections I really enjoyed your review and apt references 😂😂 I didn’t like any single piece there.

    Keep writing Aamir. You know this too well than many of us.

    • I detest selfies and the people who take them. So be it a mirror or sink or tub I wont give it publicity by mentioning the fad.Also there was a drone covering the event

  3. As a blogger you’re entitled to your opinion and I love the fact that you voice it. Can I give you my perspective? That fashion in Pakistan was becoming mundane and all about The SALE, THE BUSINESS, THE WHO WORE WHAT. I was missing exactly the things you found abhorrent. I wanted fun and glamour. I looked for elevated aesthetics without the obsessive need to add gota and chamki. I saw people all over the world pushing the boundaries – Anya Hindmarch, Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham – and I longed for the fashion of old when Rizwan Beyg wowed, Nilofer Shahid sparkled and Shamaeel sent us on a Orient train and Maheen Khan and Body Focus and Sonya B knew how to send down fashion that was precise yet never dull. That is what I thought the five designers did achieve. I loved the fact that nobody thought of what would SELL. They gave reign to their creativity and took us on a rollicking, buzzing, breathless ride. Sad it didn’t find favour with you. But, never mind, there is plenty more coming up this season which will be a departure from all this quirkiness and creativity!!! This was not an evening dedicated to the business of fashion. For that we have Fashion Week which has done tremendous work. But I refuse to live in a world that forces me to choose between either or. 🙂

    • Thank you for taking time to read it and I really appreciate the fact that you see things differently. This is the beauty of it all. I wish and hope that other people here could learn to agree to disagree this gracefully. 🙂

  4. Bravo Aamir! For calling spade, a spade. Very few bloggers have what it takes to write genuine reviews. I completely agree with you on the lack of originality part, the designs were boring and sometimes tacky. Even Omar Farooq missed the mark this time, Shehzad Noor looked like a confused mess!

  5. When I started with reading that you received a Magnum party invite I was WOW even I wanted to go but reading the finer I am glad for not being a part of it.

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