The bad and the unpalatable at #PLBW2015

It has been long due I know but then I took my time while all the publications, bloggers and others had their say on ‘worthy collections’ and trends they didn’t create. As fashion press seemingly continues to grow its despicable to see mutual admiration clubs featuring sponsors/friends and even staff in best dressed and what not. Also, it is often advocated by fashion peeps that there should be a body perhaps to give accreditation/permission of sorts that can police opinions and choose people who can comment or not on fashion shows; Why cuz? Apparently this industry is still new after more than a decade and needs protectionist measures not introspective criticism.

misses plbw2015 aamiriat

Here is my lift of misses as its often called:

Misha Lakhani in my opinion should stick to what she does best that is meticulous embellishments on sheer fabric, contrary to popular belief there is a not a fine line between safe and boring. Tariq road is definitely not the look you should establish when showing at a prestigious show. It’s like asking for ravioli and getting served 2 minute noodles in a 4 star restaurant.

HSY certainly had the best choreography and presentation of all the designers. I am afraid it didn’t ‘fly’ for me, I liked his ink collection better. Besides a few womenswear pieces from grey blue to gold and whites; the menswear majorly lacked the oomph and innovativeness it was boxy at best and downright mithai ka dabba at worst. It seemed like the phase when in 2002 Justin Timberlake was trying too hard to be black, and we all know how that turned out.

I have to give it to Asifa and Nabeel for hands down the worst collection at PLBW 2015, from the floral print, to sheer layering and even flower encrusted lanterns, I was left bewildered while figuring out whose bride is it anyway? Are these outfits for a crafty gardening-obsessed lady or Canadian born confused desi’s outfit for outdoor wedding? Go figure

Designer Nomi Ansari reiterated his love for candy-colored kitsch aesthetic. To say there was a lot going on would be an understatement from the duo of harlequin patterned ghararas to a pride themed gharara on Mehwish hayat. Luxe Pakistan compared the pride themed outfit to Indian designer Priyal Prakash’s work but then I think Nomi takes the cake for the garishness of it all. Having said that I really like the menswear on Hasnain Lehri and Waqar Butt including the embroidered loafers.

Saira Shakira collection was akin to an X-factor audition where the contestant tries to sing a Whitney Houston song and the downhill journey it entails. Pieces that had potential to come off as ‘contemporary’ were stabbed to death by bad styling particularly the eyesore of head bands and jewellery that didn’t fit in with the look. I am not saying they are not good at what they do, its just that what they do is not worth doing.

Ammara Khan’s collection was another such travesty, just because Taylor Swift had a mutli starrer video that went number one doesn’t mean ‘Bitch I am Madonna’ will too. Ammara Khan’s western aesthetic doesn’t seamlessly translate well into eastern outfits like those Gori contestants performing bollywood in So You Think You Can dance. With mushroom growth of events all over she could be a great red carpet outfits designer I tell you. Just not eastern bridal wear.

Shamaeel Ansari’s brick red banalities of paisleys have started to scream grandma’s clothes from the heirloom chest, just how many more will one have to see? Also besides the opening white pieces and the finale dress on sabeeka there was little workmanship, mostly prints just symmetrically placed with feathers in head that were more jungle book than luxe bride(Thank God she moved on from the bunches of flowers on heads). I do agree that to acquire proficiency in any task  repetition is the key as here in brick red paisely patterns but then there are certain exceptions like Suicide. Death by design in this case.

Ali Xeeshan is back after a hiatus of one year and he surely had too many tricks up his sleeves for his audiences. And the collection titled Toofan indeed blew away conventions of “less is more” and other such naiveties. Stuck between rock and a crazy place there were good techniques like green organza jacket with golden flowers but then there were mascot-y Mickie Minnie Mouse appearance, gimmicky kites and the worst of all distasteful jewellery took him from poor man’s Manish Arora to low-brow theatrics.

What goes around comes around and I know for a fact I’ll get a lot of flak for not liking Kamiar Rokni’s collection even with the most intricate embroideries and the most beautiful motifs collectively the colors are just eyesore .And to quote Sheldon from Big Bang Theory ‘ It’s like being hungry is a friendly sentiment in this country and a cruel taunt in Sudan’.

Expecting fun and frolic from Karma is rather prudent and evolutionary, they certainly didn’t disappoint with upbeat Bollywood soundtracks this time as well. Although when it came to clothes the red ensembles in the beginning left much to be desired as they lacked the signature playfulness and the forward-thinking shapes. They could be anyone’s clothes and you wouldn’t notice. The polka dotted kurtas for men also paled in comparison to lotus motif printed ones from the past year’s collection.

A lot of new talent lacked the proverbial punch that is often expected of them, there’s a fine line between wrong and visionary. Unfortunately, you have to be a visionary to see it.

If any of the designers don’t like their work to be put up here they could just message me on their facebook page.I would glad to shorten it. But it is amusing how knee-jerk opinion of  petty inexperienced individuals has started to pinch bigwigs and even more amusing is that they have also resorted to up their online game in response to us petty netizens 😀

I acknowledge that there are differences in tastes and but I wonder how all the people who praised any of the above collections are never seen wearing pieces from them. Also in response to messages in my inbox regarding shooting down good ones, I agree that I shoot down a lot of popular favourites on my blog because of my ‘ignorance’ as they put it. But you know popular opinion is  funny thing you can catch a lot of flies with honey but as it turns out that you can catch even more with manure. Go Figure!


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