Lux Style Awards 2015

Apologies for a late take on LSAs, I understand it’s been good 10 days and its probably no better than leftover food in your fridge. But hail the glamorous full-scale comeback, and God it makes me excited and full of optimism. Last year’s somber press event was rather disappointing, I wrote why certain people win and others don’t last year, this time thankfully some of the people I voted for did win and I found it strangely satisfying.

lsa 2015 aamiriat

Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan Performance

I’ll keep it brief, so yea we had a beautiful set. Mahira (one of the crushes) looking ethereal, Fawad Khan the proverbial Ken Doll but what they both missed, was the chemistry and enthusiasm. The hosting rather just looked so labored. Funny Man Yasir Hussain was the highlight of the event. I wonder if Oscars & Emmys can have comedians as hosts why not LSA? If it wasn’t for his comic jabs LSA would have been a snooze fest.

Both Urwa’s fall and or Ayesha Omar unenthusiastic Tutti Fruti dancing left much to be desired, I don’t know how people on Internet keep posting the videos with adjectives like mesmerizing and stellar. Ali Zafar’s performance was the sole saving grace. It should be established by now that dance isn’t really our strong suit and we shouldn’t do a half ass job.

As for the fashion awards which are always the bone of contention in the fashion industry. Amna Ilyas deservingly broke the proverbial dark skin barrier, where models like Iraj , Neha and God knows many others have been held back far too long. Shahzad Noor ‘s win for the best male model was a no-brainer, and his wrongfully attributing ‘Thank You’ speech will surely work to strengthen ‘the model’ stereotype.

Another change that took place this year was the introduction of Bridal Category which to my dismay and surprise of many went to colorfully kitschy designer Nomi Ansari. Sana Safinaz took home the awards for Best Lawn, High Street and Pret, which felt rather excessive and unmerited if one was to ask me. But then what’s the fun if all goes according to my wishes, its Pakistan for Gods sake. So your favorite nominee didn’t win, but did Imran Khan win? NO HE DIDN’T

Ismail Farid also took a lot of flak from many circles for winning award for Best Menswear but then Menswear shouldn’t only be about fancy shoots, it should  be “actually making ” clothes for people and real people buying+wearing+appreciating them. Which brings us to the fact that men’s fashion wholly aint making any encouraging strides, being in the jury for just 2 years have made me realise that there is very little “paid” work deserving merit as more and more companies resort to buying menswear from East Asia and just marketing them here.

There were also the same ‘Yeh Karachi awards hain and that ‘every year it’s the same people’ debates, but one can’t be just giving away awards to different people just to placate or create variety and because others have already received them, LSA aint a mommy sharing candy amongst toddlers. Another common complain was the fact that the show started late and went on till wee hours of 4:00 am,I would have appreciated if it had ended at a more humane hour but then I suppose who cares for attendees its made for TV content and by editing I am sure it will translate better for its main audience on TV.

I must commend that LSA being the originator of “Red Carpet” in Pakistan didn’t disappoint with Mahira Khan, Khadija Shah, Sunita Marshall, Resham, Mohsin Ali, Hasnain Lehri and Jahan E Khalid being my picks for best-dressed folks on the red carpet. With many a faux pas like woolen scarves, quilting etc. on some distinguised folks I wonder why such people throw sense out of the window just to create a spectacle. And why does nobody dress wives of famous folks or help style TV/Movie stars from yesteryears? Just look how awful did actress Noor really look in that atrocious satin number. And there were many more!

Criticism abound for its relevancy, I repeat you cannot diss LSAs as just a vanity project, because as it turns out TV channel-based awards only take place when they need to reward their own by their own. As a designer/model/actor or otherwise what other platform can you look forward to year after year. Probably if they make the whole judging process more transparent for common folks it would be perceived more equitable and just. Like Musarat Misbah of Depilex winning lifetime achievement award was heart warming, we certainly need more of these to make room for new folks.

I strongly believe that LSA people should pay me for this because even I can’t believe I wrote such lengthy optimistic verbose. God damn I feel like a unicorn spewing rainbows.

Here is a complete list of Fashion category winners:

Lsa winners


5 responses to “Lux Style Awards 2015

    • Haha you are surely dancing on my mehendi then. And Yea i should be paid since I wrote such good things given being bitchy and pessimistic comes so naturally to me.

  1. You know Aamir, yours is the only fashion blog that I take seriously now. I really appreciate the fact that you call a spade, a spade.
    I didnt attend the awards but from all the Insta posts, my views on the red carpet looks are exactly like yours. These people need to be given a handbook on how to dress for a black tie event.
    The fashion awards were very very controversial in my opinion. You wrote a very polite review.

    • Thank you. I am humbled that you think this way about my blog. It may look polite but trust me the hate msgs keep me grounded to reality. Also being inside as immensely privileged member of jury and out as a viewer has given me a new perspective and i have learned things that people outside wont understand.

      Knowing my fashion misses posts and my ranting vile take on things, trust me on this one. It may come off as relatively forgiving but things arent really black and white.

      I just wish more people express what they really feel. This complacency and apathy is the reason fashion industry aint really progressing.

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