Sunsilk Fashion Edition Bottles 2016

It must be my third or fourth piece on Sunsilk Pakistan’s custom designed bottles in collaboration with local Pakistani fashion brands. This year these limited edition bottles feature brands Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, Deepak Perwani and Nomi Ansari. In addition to this there was acclaimed hair and make-up expert Nabila unveiling hair trends for the S/S 2016.

sunsilk bottles 2016

Each designer designed a look for a different variant/color, Purple by House of Sana Safinaz, Pink by Nomi Ansari, Black by Khaadi and Mustard by Deepak Perwani. Rather than showing signature designer motifs on the Fashion Edition bottles, this year’s bottle feature complete fashion illustrations of the look.

Nabila explained “It was fun working on the Sunsilk Designer Bottles and designing hair for each variant. We did sleek, Perfect Straight Hair, we created big, abundant Thick and Long hair, we went sharp and edgy for Black Shine hair and carefully couture hair to provide Hair Fall Solutions”.

If you ask me, I personally liked the bottle by Sana Safinaz the most, and also the dress they designed appealed more to me in terms of how it looked, and was translated as an illustration on the bottle itself.

These bottles and hair looks were presented in a quaint little presentation earlier this week, but if you ask me I personally preferred the models in the plain white outfits showcasing hair trends over the designer outfit ones. Be it the dresses or the way models looked, I prefer simplicity and all white look through and through.

I would have appreciated if the fashion quotient was somehow more amplified, because there is only so much that a brand can do with its product+ event but designers could have upped their ante. Would like to know which bottle did you guys like the most?

P.S. they sent me 4 bottles customized with my face photo printed on them :O Creepy yet cool I know. You can see them on my Instagram 😛





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