Misses at PSFW 2016

Its been a good ten twelve days and I sat on it to avoid the “knee jerk” most of the oldies dread. But its amazing how everyone else sort of avoids the ones who miss the aesthetic boat. I had the chance of skimming through PSFW2016 coverage and it felt like reading script of PTV everything is hunky dory pretty rosy. Where is the opinion? Here are few of the misses that I found too glaring obvious not to list.


Zara Shahjahan’s rose hued sacks walked a thin line between indie bohemian and looking homeless, although cleverly styled with bangles and bags, I fail to imagine Pakistani women wearing these voluminous long pieces with little definition for waist, thighs or any other flattering body part. However It could be plus- size maternity wear at this best. Oh that tunic that looked uncannily similar to Misha Lakhani’s well let’s just say its habit from prints to this. why bother explaining.

Sana Safinaz’s Sugar Rush was akin to French patisserie selling Dingdong gum, it is understandable that sports-luxe is a big international trend but how does an eveningwear brand like Oscar De la Renta present clothes that looked more like Kimora lee Simmon’s Baby Phat line. The sequins were too lurid, the white was too bright, the flowers got lost in the way. But thank god all the it-girls and china dolls wore it the next day.


Feeha Jamshed’s Bob Squad also faced irk of copying accusation for the head illustration looking too similar to Alice and Olivia’s design. But remove the edgy blunt bobs and glasses; the garish big prints are little more than pop art gift wrapping paper. Adding to that 70s silhouettes was like standing on a chair to raise one’s IQ.


Sublime by Sara Shahid exhaled all the pastel banality that there is in the universe. Whereas the finishing of the mostly plain slinky draped pieces was exceptionally neat, the plainness of it all left one as bored as a blind guy watching a silent movie. Like a giant pot of oatmeal it needed some fruit or something if you know what I mean.


Maria B ‘s press writeup describes her luxury collection to be of dove and “cappuccino” colored. Well I certainly needed some cappuccinos to stay up amidst the short and long of it. Why must a designer parade all the skillset of its employees. I now know her people can make every silhouette under the sun but I certainly don’t know what the brand stands for besides being very mediocre and produccing too-eager-to-please designs.


Saira Shakira’s hard to pronounce Ystatis was equally hard to digest. The collection although featured interesting employment of print and draping, but like new-money affluent folks marinating in perfume, all the pieces had embellishment barfed over them. One is left tight lipped, teeth gritting filled with a sense of guilt what is left there to say.


Nickie Nina’s ‘Flechazo’ apparently took inspiration from agility and strength of Spanish matadora. With tacky styling and wishy-washy desi clothes distastefully married to a foreign theme the struggle was real. Having fancy collection themes and not translating them is like putting lipstick on your head to “make-up” your mind .


Another such schizophrenic design casuality was HSY’ “Be Yourself” where he tried to embrace individuality starting with a video along the lines of will smith starrer Hitch.Clothes were rather schizophrenic because besides the color palette nothing stood in the same tandem, there were eclectic, luxurious ochre, rich greens, inky blue and pinks.I loved the jacket with sequined wings on Bilal Ashraf but how did it all fit in? Who are these people?


Nomi Ansari’s Joyride was his usual eclectic kitschy self with use of Mexican skulls, smiley faces, multitude of badges glaringly poking fun at minimalism and restraint. He could very well be Pakistan’s answer to Jeremy Scott’s Moschino and you could quote me on this. To borrow a line from The Gloss :”While there were some highlights, a significant part of the collection just read as tacky for the sake of being tacky”


Khaadi Khaas‘s Translucent built upon the asymmetrical forms in nature where solid and sheer fabric presented the juxtaposition; but leaving the fancy verbose aside there was little to write home about besides the jewelry and the footwear. Clothes were like shoddy abstracts sold disguised as modern art. Whatever kind of look they were going for, they missed. So much so that in my head Khaadi now has become brand of rare originality. Its rare when they show any!

Need I say more? Who was the worst according to you, let me know in the comments below.


11 responses to “Misses at PSFW 2016

  1. While I want to quote most of this article again as “my favourite part” but I do have to say that I’m glad someone finally pointed out how bad Nickie Nina’s collection was. I could digest most others but not this one. Quite intriguing how you compare Nomi to Moschino; never really saw that connexion there before but it’s certainly justified. I could see people wearing separates from his collection styled with other more minimalistic clothing. Really enjoyable read overall and very just opinions.

    • Thank you for giving it a read. One doesn’t necessarily have to agree to everything I say but its surely heartening to read that you agree NN were just bad

      • I would like to give my opinion here just for fun 🙂

        Zara s: too many big pink burqas, where are all these ladies in big pink sacks going?
        Sana s: I give them a thumbs up for trying something new but a big thumbs down for failing at the experiment
        Feeha: this could have been brilliant, her sneak peek sketches looked fun but she did not execute well
        Sublime: not fun
        Maria b: predictable
        Saira shakira: disaster
        Nickie nina: hideous
        Nomi a: trying too hard. Very bad choice if colours
        Khaadi khaas: not trying hard enough

  2. I am glad somebody finally put it out there. Had I been a womenswear blogger, I would have given an equally scathing review. Most of the big collections were mediocre, ideas copied and lacking originality. I do think Sublime was on point with most of the collection, the ruffles were a tad lost in translation but overall it represented what the brand is.

    • You need to write more regardless. Whatever you think, but more content. As for Sublime, I guess I am the odd one out but that’s the beauty of it all. Diverse opinions.

      Thank you for taking the time out to read whatever shit I write each time. I am grateful.

    • Thank you. I dont know about honest or unbiased. But definitely I don’t have any filters or holds per se.

      Good that you took time out to read it. I really appreciate it.

  3. Loved the comparisons you always put in your reviews be it pun intended or not. Thanks for adding SS, HSY and Nomi there among obvious others. Gutsy I must say.

    From a buyer’s perspective Maria B is going to sell all of these like hot cakes.

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