Breaking down Bridals 1: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

So people, you know I have had a change of heart after the recent yawn fests at fashion weeks and I have took a liking to eastern wear. Not really going for it, but I am trying to dab my toes. As they say never say never, a brother has got to do what a brother got to do. I reached out to a new designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha to get a feeler and asked him whats what. I presume it easier to talk to someone who is relatively new like I am and is willing to talk to talk. Here it is aamiriat breaking it down with Mohsin Naveed Ranjha y’all


A:So when and why did you start your brand?

M: MNR design studio started 4 years ago with the focus on going an extra mile in fulfilling our client’s requirements

A: How is it different from what others are doing I find that all bridals look alike?

M: Well you can’t do radically different edgy things with bridal wear, it has to make sense. I think what sets us apart our signature Mughal-era inspired motifs and  the fact that we don’t compromise on the quality of the fabric

A: Who do you think is your biggest competitor? Bridal wear market is huge where you have designers and then people get their things made themselves and the replica makers too

M: Would it be corny if I say Myself 🙂 See, everyone in this industry is a competitor. At the end of the day everyone in this industry is running a business…so am I

A: Who do you admire as a fashion designer the most in the bridal/easternwear market?

M: Bunto Kazmi and Nilofer Shahid

A:If you could be any other Pakistani designer for a day who would you be and why?

M: HSY … I think he is an inspiration for anyone and everyone in this industry

A:Who is the he most overrated designer according to you?

M: Lets just say some are in the game because of their talent and some because of Fawad khan.

A Your favorite male and female models from Pakistan?

M: Shahzad Noor and Cybil

A; Given the buzz worthy fights at sales at Sapphire and Khaadi do you intend to indulge in lawn? Since a lot of bridal wear designers eventually dab their toes into lawn.

M: Yes I will venture into lawn and look forward to even bigger fights at my store.

A :Whats the one fashion trend that you find unbearable (and that needs to stop) in womenswear?

M: It has to be the “Dhoti Shalwar” I feel it is a fusion of two traditions and cultures that I feel are being meddled with. Also it doesn’t look good on most people.

A :Now same for the menswear, one fashion trend that you find unacceptable in menswear?

M: Men wearing womenswear pieces or the pieces that blur the lined between the two. There are photos on Internet where you have male models clad in dupattas, pishwas and what not. I will never do such a thin myself as a designer So it is a big NO!

A  If you had to pick between serious fashion shows or fashion presentations with all the bells & whistles with drama? What could you choose?

M: It depends on a lot of things but hands down I am all for fashion presentations with all the bells and whistles with drama.

A: Do you think giving freebies and clothes to wear on red-carpet effects one opinion about clothes they are writing about?

M: I will like it if I receive goodies in my mail. Having said this, I would like to take this opportunity to offer MNR design studio to everyone for the red carpet: p



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