I loathe Loafers

Loafers might be ‘Fashion’s favorite Flat’ but the low-brow interpretation of the trend in Pakistan has given it a new unflattering perspective.

loafers fad


Weejun LoafersNamed along the lines of its originating verb for ‘spending one’s time in an idle way’ loafers have gone through an interesting fashion evolution. Starting as a Norweigan fisherman’s shoe, subsequently commercialized by Bass Weejun and then later brought onto the mainstream by Italian brand Gucci in 1953. It was infact Gucci that reaffirmed loafers as a ‘signature slip-on for about-town errands or laid-back lunches’.

Ironically the ones prevalent here in Pakistan aren’t the outdoorsy Weejun kind, ours are a knock-off of Gucci’s : garishly colored faux suede with a bold logo hardware and often with a driving shoe sole.

Unlike the great fad of colored jeans of 2013, the colored loafers owing to their mix of informality and comfiness have counterintuitively developed a cult following. And it is this very ubiquitousness that has led to widespread aberrations of pairing them with everything from eastern shalwar kameez to going as far as the cringe-worthy pairing with formal pants.

There is nothing worse for a shoe savant to see these being worn to jogging tracks with athletic socks. There haven’t been such hideous failings in taste and judgment since the Grunge movement of early 90s. We have seen such colored loafers related faux pas so grave that it was worse the Ebola outbreak if you may ask us.

‘Fad’ is an underused term in men’s fashion and we feel that in the case of colored loafers it’s an apt categorization.  So next time you step out, commit it to memory “colored loafers have had their day”

The article originally appeared in Hello Magazine Pakistan 

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