4 things to focus when choosing a barber/salon

When I moved to Karachi five years ago it was a pain to find a barber I could call my own and trust. With thinning hair, and obsessive impulses among other quirks it was a struggle. But after visiting atleast 8 renowned and lesser known hairdressers, stylists,barbers and salons(and eventually working with one of them). I know now what I don’t want. If you have a doubt or are unhappy about your current one. The following four pointers might help you in finding “your one”

barber guide

Talk like it’s a date

Always take an inspiration photo when going to a new stylist or barber but remember he aint a magician. People often take photos of European models having different hair color and scalp shape. You gotta understand dude you can’t achieve david beckham when you are daud meher. And yea use your education please explain haire length you want in inches not this much.. that much.

Be worried if you hear a vibrating buzz

Good stylists use comb and scissors to create depth and movement not electric clippers all over for everything. Electric Clippers are usually a sign of a lazy one-trick-pony stylist. If you are experimenting with a new barber or recently moved to another city with no experience( like I did). Useful trick is to tell them to just clean up the hairline around your ears and neck. They can’t really mess it up. If you don’t like what he did you can walk away un-harmed. If otherwise you can let him do more 😛

Show me the goods

Call me shallow but the products on the shelf displays at a hair salon tell the tale, if you spot over-the-counter mass market products like Axe hair styling gels, hair straightening treatments and nondescript face polishes and fairness facial jars. Be concerned! These four categories are Govinda movies of hairdressing in Pakistan. You are in for bumpy ride. Don’t expect great quality.

Tools of the trade

Salons and Barbershops are a breeding ground for Hepatitis B C, HIV and other blood-borne infections. Ensure they open up a new razor for your straight edge shave. Barbers, not knowing the real risks, re-use the same blades, razor, towel & brushes on multiple people. And No Dettol doesn’t clean everything, look for barbecide/UV sterilizer which is usually a metal cabinet. Be scared if you don’t see any such thing, it’s wiser to shave yourself at home…it’s safer.


And for God’s sake it is a SALON not a SALOON

P.M. me if you need recommendations in Karachi I could hook you up



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