Hits at PLBW 2016

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it surely did with smaller lineup of 18 showcases spread across 3 days instead of 4. But PLBW 2016 invariably felt crisper and lighter proverbially speaking. Hair and Make-up was by Nabila and her team. HSY choreographed the whole thing.In comparison to past it was probably the least creative most commercial moments that people like me look for. Here are my favs:


Sania Maskatiya’s August Dream was right on the money with restrained use of embellishments, with sublime peach, pink, silvers and gold. There were signature muralistic embroideries depicting men on horses, birds and what not. People often say they are safe and boring, I say they are sellable and brilliant at that. But it was the menswear that got me. Just love the raw silk kurta pajamas!!! Clothes everyone can wear anywhere without looting a bank maybe sell a kidney I don’t know.


Mahgul ‘s Trunks of Sabine had all sorts of treasure tucked underneath layers of details. Its refreshing to see a  non-red gold garara collection. Use of layering and the potential of mixing and matching separates were remarkable.  Whoever chose the shade of blue deserves all the praise. Best collection of PLBW 2016 hands down!


Zara Shahjahan‘s ode to beautiful begums and Maharanis titled ‘Mehr-un-Nisa‘ was significant. And probably the first time features her in Hits because of the restrained champagne gold, off white simpleton color palette. Use of traditional kiran trims, and gota won me over. All of these may not be original in terms of aesthetic or innovative but atleast its not a hot mess or confused desi anymore.


Everyone complained about HSY’s Kingdom reeking of Sabyasachi’state and God knows how many of you guys inboxed me” evidences” . Trust me I saw them all.Yes they do oddly look similar but they are not the same. BOHOO do I have any choice and not pick him. There was famine of beauty!! Must commend the edgy styling by Hashim Ali for throwing tradition outta window. Favourite pieces were the embroidered blazer on model Mohsin Ali and the furry bomber over embroidered jumpsuit on Fouzia.


Ali Xeeshan’s Khamoshi made a lot of noise with his usual theatrical antics this time using sock monkeys and locks on the lips. There was ample use of sherbet tones with his signature graduating motifs on lehengas and a few peplums thrown in. Favourite piece has to be the white ensemble with a sole flower embellishment on Rabia Butt. Only if there was less of a farce there might be more fashion I feel.

But before I close this I consider following worthy of mention


The pearl beaded menswear jacket by Muse and this blue gotta number by Kamiar Rokni


The colourful number on Eshal  and printed silk sherwanis by Nomi Ansari


And lastly these velvet tux jackets with badges by Republic

After all this I am not sure if I should write my usual misses post this time. But the thing that terrifies me the most is that someone might hate me as much as I loathe their designs.

P.S. its so hard to find all the photos these days, everybody covers only the dramatic star moments.

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