Of Blazers and Coats

As the winter takes over our wardrobes make way for additional layers of clothing, but even for the coldest of places in Pakistan we only need to worry about warm outerwear for few months of the year and those of us who work inside and drive everywhere are not even bothered about cold weather clothing. Coats, blazers and Jackets are by large the means for men to dress up.

blazers and coats


Renowned fashion journalist G. Bruce Boyer describes a ‘Jacket’ to be in principle shorter than a ‘coat’ and moreover that a jacket always has to denote an activity like a hunting jacket, an athletic jacket, or the more traditional dinner jacket. Sonya Glyn Nicholson from Parisian Gentleman dictates that a coat is always worn over other tailored garments underneath it.

To start Sports Coat’ is a casual jacket made of textured cloth like tweed, flannel etc. as the name implies is the most casual of all meaning you could wear it with pair of jeans even. A major distinction to make is that it is always mismatched with the pants.

A ‘Blazer’ in principal has to have metal buttons made of non textured fabric usually in the blue, bottle green ,red color and seldom in patterns too. Some of the blazers also feature decorative piping along the lapels and sleeves. Blazers as convention dictates are a sort of uniforms to depict membership for private clubs; schools etc think green blazers on Cricket players with PCB crest emblazoned on the chest pocket area.

Whereas, a ‘Suit coat’ unlike a blazer is a formal coat always worn with matching pants, suit always comprises of a ‘coat and trousers ‘ there should be no confusion over that point blank.

The ‘Dinner Jacket’ however is usually in midnight blue or black fine wool considered to be the most formal of all often with grosgrain lapels. The dinner jacket with trousers outfit is now more commonly Referred to as a ‘tuxedo’.


Lastly, the now defunct ‘Smoking Jacket as the name implies was worn for smoking after dinners and was solely made up of lush textiles like Velvet and rarely silk and always features a shawl collar. Celebrities like Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana have tried to make it relevant again as an alternative to formal wear.

A lot of new styles of garments no longer fit the above categories; fashion like life must be lived forward, but it can only be understood looking backwards and fashion is remembrance of the things past, a memory of another age .it’s safe to assume that by reading above you may not directly find the magic coat so to say, but perhaps it would be easier for you to look out for it.


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