Misses at PSFW 2017

While some appreciated the paired down setup, I for one didn’t find much of a difference in filtering of the crowd if you even interned or worked with someone millennium ago or you are a freelancer you get in and take gazillion photos of yourself in borrowed clothes. I am extremely privileged that I got to sit see and experience it solely without having multiple team members to hound seating. Very few attended the Rising talent, or the textiles shows.  The whole premise of ‘captive audience’ still holds true you can only hold captive certain people if you sandwich their favourite shows with not so good ones.

Misha Lakhani’‘s sustainably produced ‘Caravan’ consisted of brand’s worn-out ideas of  caftans, elongated kurtas, and shapes reminiscent of thobes. Where the flowy simplicity made many of Lahori press cringe, it made me a Karachiite sing Yeh Kya Jage hain doston. I really loved the use of indigenous fabrics the rich textures and woven patterns but that doesn’t make up for the lack of innovation.


HSY’s Paranoia seemed heavily influenced by tired concepts. The king himself does well with larger than life gold and black but this dig at the youthful imagery wasn’t really deep enough. The bling was gratuitous, only if there were a Sir Elton John or Liberace  at this day and age in PK, he would wear the chevron pattern blinged pajama beneath a kameez.


Another luckless presentation was menswear by Amir Adnan’s collection titled ‘Revisiting Heritage’, assuming that it’s fashion week for prêt mainly then I WONDER why the purposeless sherwanis circa 1920s. The only good thing to come out of this was the roomy pajama below a sherwani but geez when will everyone stop the superfluous praise. He has beautiful basics like plain white kurta, plain angarkha, jama or even a choga that could be styled into a modern options why not?


Shiza Hassan’s Lolitta had the unfortunate effects of flattening the chests and some of the embroidery patterns looked more like tapestries than feminine tops. From the looks of it the collection has a lot to offer with pants and seperates but it doesn’t come full circle. Also digital prints and chokers are as irrelevant as pop singer duo Aqua singing Barbie Girl.


Tena Durrani’s debut ‘Alchemy’ collection was akin to attempting a craft project from Pinterest, no matter what you do it will never come out the way it shows in the photos. I am certain the concepts would have looked divine on paper but they missed the mark by a mile in execution. The undercooked and badly iced cakes so to say cannot be selvedged. That said western is not everybody’s cup of tea and it doesn’t need to be.


Zonia Anwaar’s print-heavy collection stretched the limit to an extent it started feeling insipidly repetitive. For a viewer to appreciate a print so meticulously created the designer should conside breaking it,the printed pants with white draped top on Rhubab Ali was an attempt in right direction but the hum drum of countless print pairing iterations only lead to hazy boredom. Had it been a 5 -6 piece capsule it would have fared far better.

Saira Shakira‘s  ‘Jiē’ collection, the word meaning  to pick up in Chinese , seemed to have picked up a whole lot starting with  sporty silhouettes nitpicking elements of track pants, bomber jacket, windbreakers when translated into luxury prêt  with sequins  trims and panels became a ‘haute mess’. As much as I loved the details of embellishments but it looked as preposterous as the recent photo of Mariah Carey working out in heels. They should do fewer bigger better things, they have beautiful workmanship all they require is restraint.


March by Ali Merch’s Inaugration collection had disparate inspiration from jazz music, mascara and sea foam which expectingly lead us to an equally eclectic or rather unhinged ensembles, have to admit in my 7 years of writing I have never seen such an ill-advised proposition. The designer I feel needs to hone the craft and take one step at a time. Denim and westernwear construction is meticulous and is even harder to edit. Plus why do something goras have been doing faster, cheaper, better.


Collections by Amna Shiekh, Kokeb Alvi, Cynosure, Crossstitch among others were worthy of mention for their better work. For the rest I shall say the simpler pieces are better,  there should be more of them. The key is to experiment in silhouettes early on, perfect one pattern make it yours otherwise you ll become one of the many obscure designer hanging in multi-label stores.  Then there are ten other labels like MGT making kaftans, organza wraps and all those generic things; its time for us to move on. It’s like me as a blogger doing redcarpet posts , selfies or putting up beauty hauls, we all have to create distinct spaces for ourselves. Not everyone has to be an It-girl or a designer. Some who can’t be either become bloggers like myself.





One response to “Misses at PSFW 2017

  1. Totally spot on! I would have included SS in the same list because but everyone has different tastes. The argument that they had meticulous construction holds no ground after seeing AmoB in that hideous LSA outfit.

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